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      Company Profile

          Suzhou Hengyue New Material Co., Ltd. is an international leading comprehensive polymer functional materials R & D, production and sales enterprises, covering electronics, electrical appliances, display, communication, digital and other related industries, such as PE, pet protective film, shading tape, ultra-thin tape, insulation shielding, conductive and thermal conductive materials.

               The company has established joint research and development laboratory and long-term cooperation relationships with many universities in China. HY has own R & D engineers and technicians who absorbed the many years advanced experience of international manufacturing. HY established the comprehensive platform for high molecular chemistry, polymer processing and material design, validation test and chemical engineering multidisciplinary, etc.

               The company has 1000 and 10000 level clean room, equipped with full-automatic coating machine, slitting machine, rewinder, cutting machine, laminating machine, online detector and other professional production equipment, and also has a complete set of experimental and testing equipment, such as X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, Fourier infrared spectrum analyzer, peeling strength testing machine, photoelectric Haze Meter, constant temperature and humidity box.

               Good quality, excellent service, environmental protection products, is the company's consistent business purpose. The company is willing to serve our customers sincerely, work together to create a better future!


      ◆企業文化The spirit of enterprise

               ●企業愿景Enterprise Vision


               To be the benchmark of China's pressure sensitive adhesive industry

               ●質量方針Quality Policy:


               Quality first, customer first, team spirit, fight for the best, prompt response, immediate action

               ●公司使命Company Mission


               We provide the best solution for customers

               ●經營理念Business Philosophy

               激情 創新 高效 共贏

      Passion Innovate Efficient Win-win


      ABOUT US

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